About Us


Welcome to Paradise Caves Hotel and Pension. We invite you to join us in paradise here in the heart of Cappadocia.

Between Europe and Asia, in the centre of a vast plateau where once primitive man hunted, is Cappadocia.

In the vast moonscapes of eroded rock, Turkey's ancient heart still beats a timeless rhythm. Here are underground cities, once havens for the hunted, and chambers hollowed in fairy chimneys decorated with primitive religious wall paintings, darkened by centuries of candlelight and defaced by invading hordes who once swept out of Asia.

Paradise Caves Hotel and Pension is here in the tiny town of Göreme, where pigeons are still housed in lofts carved in the valley walls, where lemons fill the cellars, and where the harvest of grapes roll home in horse-drawn carts.

This is the centre of our world.

Around the rim of the plateau are snowcapped mountains, extinct volcanoes, summer yaylas and hidden valleys.